College History

Madharasaththul Salahiya Fee Adhiramil Balahiya" alias "M.K.N.Madharasa Trust - Waqf of Adhirampattinam" ( அதிராம்பட்டினம் மு .கா.நெ.மதரஸா அறக்கட்டளை - வக்ஃப்) was established by Donor M.K.N.Khadir Muhaideen in 1900 in order to educate Islamic Studies to the Muslim Students and afford lighting charges to seven mosques in Adhirampattinam. To carry out this programme, He endowed 1500 acres of agriculture properties such as coconut grove and paddy fields. Subsequently, He executed two wills in 1900 and 1901 wherein his male line hereditary members of three branch from his three brothers namely M.K.N.Naina Muhammed Levvai, M.K.N.Ahamed Thambi and M.K.N.Shaik Salath Levvai in paternal line to work as functionaries of Trust. Accordingly, Salahiya Madharasa run by Trust.
The Muslim Society requested the M.K.N.Madharasa Trust - Waqf Management to setup secular education in 1947. In the interest of public, the M.K.N.Madharasa Trust - Waqf Management founded Middle School in 1948 in the name of Khadir Muhaideen, the founder of M.K.N. Madharasa Trust - Waqf. The School was upgraded as High School and Higher Secondary School in 1949 and 1977 respectively.
As another milestone in rendering service to the Adhirampattinam Public,The M.K.N.Madharasa Trust - Waqf Management proposed to setup Higher Education in Adhirampattinam in the interest of the welfare of School Final Students to study further. With the help of Volunteers of Adhirampattinam Jamaath, the M.K.N.Madharasa Trust - Waqf Management founded Arts & Science College in 1955 in memory of Khadir Muhaideen.
As requested by the Parents, the M.K.N.Madharasa Trust - Waqf Management made separation for Girls School for safety purpose. Accordingly, the Khadir Muhaideen Higher Secondary School was bifurcated in 1982 for Girls.
The Three Educational Institutions namely Khadir Muhaideen Boys Higher Secondary School, Khadir Muhaideen College and Khadir Muhaideen Girls Higher Secondary School are in the status of religious minority institutions with Grant-in-aid and run by M.K.N.Madharasa Trust Management.